10 Bonus Video Lectures For Udemy Course Members

I have put together these amazing video lectures that go into detail like never before. You’ll learn my advanced concepts that predict changes in market direction and receive excerpts from webinars covering key topics in greater detail.

These BONUS videos (and accompanying exercises) are available FREE OF CHARGE to all Udemy students who have studied my course and held the course for 31 days or more.


Nope! To qualify for this content, simply wait 31 days from the date you purchased my course, meet the required conditions, fill in the form below and you will be granted access.

Required Conditions: Access to this material is entirely at TraderSimon’s discretion. Students must have studied the entire course first. 31 days must pass before applying. TraderSimon reserves the right to deny access. Eligible members will receive 101 days free access.

bonus material


1) Simply complete the form below with your details, ensuring 31 days have elapsed since purchasing the course "Professional Trading With Institutional Supply & Demand" via the Udemy website.
2) Once you have been verified as a Udemy course member and meet the qualifying criteria, you will be given access to the bonus course content - please allow up to 48 hours for access. Important note: No exceptions will be given for students who register early.
3) Non Disclosure Agreement: By completing this form, you agree not to disclose, copy or share the course videos or contents and strategies described within these videos, whether in writing, orally or otherwise.
4) GDPR/Privacy: You agree under the GDPR act that TraderSimon may store your personal data, including logging IP addresses to prevent piracy.