This page will answer the most common questions relating to the Trading Analysis & coaching Service. If your question still isn’t answered, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch using the contact form.

Why have you moved your analysis to a private Twitter feed?

I want to provide analysis and trades for my smaller core audience who are genuinely interested in learning to trade.  I also want to retain tighter control over my material and know the audience who I am broadcasting valuable market information to – as opposed to the current anonymous audience!

Is this service really free?

For now, this service is free to all members who have purchased my Supply and Demand course via I haven’t decided on the duration of the free service, but it is likely to be for 60 days. At some point in the future, this may become a paid subscription service and existing members will have the option of joining at a reduced rate.

I followed your private Twitter but was declined?

You MUST complete the registration form on this website first. Follow requests with no accompanying registration (which tells me who you are) will be declined.

Is this a signal service or investment advice?

The purpose of this service is to teach you my strategy with live realtime examples.

The analysis, trades and information from this service (and any other service provided by TraderSimon) are provided on an educational basis only, do not constitute investment advice and may undergo changes from time to time.

Please ensure that you read and accept the disclaimer and terms and conditions before signing up.

I haven't taken your course yet. How do I join?

Purchase the course via the link on the home page and then register for the private Twitter service.

Which instruments do you trade?

My most frequently traded pairs are EURUSD and USDJPY. I also occasionally trade AUDUSD, GBPUSD, EURJPY, USDCAD, gold, the German DAX and US Dow Jones 30.

All instruments will be traded as a spreadbet or CFD. The advantage of spreadbet trades are guaranteed stops may be utilised to limit gaps and/or slippage risk when holding overnight, over weekends or through volatile news events.

Which timeframes do you trade?

All timeframes ranging from the Daily, right down to the 5 minute.

How long do your trades last?

This service will provide swing trades and intra-day trades. The holding period for swing trades will be anything from a day to weeks. Intra-day holding periods will be from minutes to hours and typically closed by the end of day. The type of trade will be clearly stated when published.

Do you trade through news or volatile events?

I will hold swing trades through news, overnight and over weekends. I can do this, because I use guaranteed stoplosses which limit my downside risk, even when the market gaps.

For intra-day trades, I will make a decision whether to hold through news depending on whether my trade is in profit or not.

I may also occasionally enter during news if an opportunity presents itself in the correct way.

What Risk Management are you using?

I will risk no more than 1% of my account on any one trade, whether it is a day trade or swing trade. However there may be times when more than one trade is open to a maximum risk of 3%.

I aim for a reward of 2% or more. I may still “scratch” trades or close them earlier.

Do you always use guaranteed stoplosses?

When utilising guaranteed stops, the broker will typically specify a minimum distance where you may place your stop. This distance may exceed what is reasonable for an intra-day trade.

Therefore I tend to use guaranteed stops for swing trades (where the stoploss can be wider) and regular stops for intra-day trades where I require a small stop and will be closing out before the end of day.

Can I ask questions about your analysis and trades?

I won’t enter into discussions about the pros and cons of analysis or trades until they have finished playing out.

After a trade has completed, you are more than welcome to send me a question.

You are welcome to ask questions about my strategy on the feed. A maximum of 2 questions per student per day will be permitted in order to manage my time which I will answer after the London close (4:30pm GMT/BST). To enable me to comment more effectively, a chart should accompany any questions.