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Just a few of the trades called on Twitter, live in advance before the fact! ...

GOLD before...

...GOLD after.

Gold 1 hour supply zone in confluence with another concept I teach. This level was  tweeted in advance on May 17th 2017.

Like clockwork, gold reverses off the zone until finding support at 1246. Sign up and find out why the market stopped there!

USD/CAD before...

...USD/CAD after.

I tweeted this daily supply zone of the USD/CAD on 3rd May 2017. The market had been in a channel for 12 months. Note the confluence of the Fibonacci and channel top.

It’s mid June 2017 and the USD/CAD has reached the bottom of the channel. If you were waiting for the purple line, you would have missed the trade, but students of my strategy found plenty of opportunities on the lower timeframes to participate in the move.

EUR/USD before...

...EUR/USD after.

EURUSD 15 minute demand zones in line with the current bias from higher timeframe demand. This chart was tweeted “before the fact” on Oct 31st 2016 at 08:48 a.m.

EURUSD chart showing the first zone failed for a small loss. The second zone netted over 90 pips profit into higher timeframe supply.

GOLD before...

... GOLD after.

“4 hour Gold sneaky bear trap, further upside expected” tweeted on 18th October 2016.

Gold plays out to the exact tip of my arrow in the previous chart (which happens to be a flip zone). A further push up spiked the upper trendline.

EUR/JPY before...

... EUR/JPY after.

On October 17th 2016, I tweeted that EURJPY was in a sideways range with stoploss levels and supply and demand zones either side. I expected stops to be breached and a bounce off 1 hour supply or demand back into the range.

During the following two days, EURJPY played out exactly as I tweeted, culminating with a spike up into the range during the ECB press conference.

GBP/USD before...

... GBP/USD after.

On October 14th 2016, I tweeted “Cable has built up a wall of untouched stops. Expect an explosive move to the upside at some point”. Besides the technical viewpoint, my underlying fundamental reasons were that the courts would disallow a Brexit and some of the move down would be unwound.

3 weeks later, every red stoploss line had been taken out, as predicted. The chart shown is a higher timeframe chart, but the red trendline is still visible to the left.

The final stoploss line was taken out on the 3rd November when the UK High Court ruled that the government does not have the power to trigger Article 50 (without the approval of Parliament), which would begin the Brexit process.

DOW 30 before...

... DOW 30 after.

Here’s a more recent example… On March 14th 2017, I tweeted a Dow 30 chart that regular course members will recognise as a textbook setup.

The setup played out perfectly and hit it’s target during the FOMC news event.

EUR/USD before...

... EUR/USD after.

On the 13th March 2017, I tweeted three good demand zones to buy the EUR/USD.

Although not disclosed to non-members, there were additional reasons why the middle zone had a higher probability of working (which I teach in the course).

The first zone gave a small bounce and failed. When the market lingered at this zone, it gave tell-tale signs that it may fail, which again you will learn in the course!

The second zone played out nicely and gave rise to a 120 pip move during the FOMC rate news.

With the required 14 pip stoploss, your return on this trade would have been 8.5 times your risk!

Genuine Testimonials From Udemy Course Students

This course has changed my trading. It is structured in a simple and “to the point” manner, very easy to follow and the real world applications shared via the twitter feed bring everything together at the end. Highly recommended.

Tim V

Great course; Excellent instructor who has the utmost knowledge of supply and demand . The instructor knows what he’s presenting in such great detail . This is the real deal , I would give this course 10 stars if I could , Thank you Simon Kloot for sharing this knowledge.

Moinul A

This is one of the best trading training courses I have ever taken so far. I have watched quite a number of training video clips on YouTube regarding Supply & Demand trading strategy but this course is the best one to learn about it. I only trade Bitcoin but the principles discussed in this course are very applicable to crypto trading or trading in any market in my opinion (I used to trade gold futures as well). Traders generally know about those prices actions discussed in this course but most of them actually don’t know exactly why and how these price actions happen.The instructor explains laconically but still in detail why those price actions happen, what cause those price actions to happen and how you could take advantage of them for your trading (from a Supply & Demand point of view). This course also has quite a number of real life trading examples which are very helpful for understanding the lecture materials. I highly recommend this course.

Naoki U

Well structured approach to supply & demand trading delivered through clear video instruction. Course notes and crib sheets are an added bonus. I had spent a lot of time researching S&D prior to taking this course and had come across many of the concepts contained within, however I also fell down a lot of rabbit holes conducting my own research. I therefore found the clarity and conciseness in which S&D is presented in this course to be a valuable guide to work from.

Gareth T

My first paid Supply and Demand Course and i will say it was an eye opener. Especially learning that this can be applied to any liquid market. The instructor was very articulate and succinct with his explanations to the extent that even a raw beginner will understand the course. Trade examples were provided; however maybe more examples could be added for students to practice more. Above all, i will say i have learned something new that will help me in my trading. Thanks Simon for sharing.

Joe A

Not just a generic “supply and demand” course. Simon is a real trader that has a habit of posting on twitter his real trades, and here he explains his own method. Solid content, well explained and well presented. It takes time for your eyes to recognize the patterns… but the journey begins from here.

Andrea B

Clear effective trade training brilliantly presented. This is THE course to take!

Collon F

Great to see the concepts and setups contrasted with live trading. A very good investment for traders with 1-3 years of full-time experience, like myself. Even though I knew most of the concepts, It’s that last 5% of information that can separate traders from winning trades. Simon does a fantastic job of delivering the material in a very clear way. Thank you for providing a most beneficial course!


Muy bien explicado desde el principio. Videos cortos que se ven con mucha facilidad, con mucha información condensada pero muy bien explicados.

Álvaro G J

Clear, straight forward comments. Really in-depth explanations on how the market REALLY works….and showing that technical analysis like support and resistance is used by the big money to create liquidity for themselves… EXCELLENT!

Jasper J

Definitely a great course on supply and demand trading! Helped me out a lot.

Mark I

Top notch course. Very rational, filled with great advice and applicable methods sprinkled with good real world examples. I really liked that there is no fluff whatsoever, making it very efficient and easy to revisit chapters as many times as needed. The information is presented in small, bite sized portions, which also makes it easier to digest and learn. Some previous knowledge, as the author also states, is good to have in order to grasp the concepts quicker.

Per C

The course is very well presented in every way. It provides a great insight into the practicality of trading. The techniques illustrated are realistic and practical. It will definitely clear a lot of confusion in ones mind on how the market works. Highly recommended for all level of traders.


This is a very good course. The way Simon explains the content is very easy to digest and put into practice. I really encourage traders to check it out.

Marcos M

Well built course of one of the basic techniques for successful trading. Simon explains perfectly the entire course without any “secret” ingredients. Everything is explained clearly and objectively with real-time examples. Highly recommended for both beginners and advanced traders. Good Job!


Information in the course is very useful with practical, concise and clear examples which will set off any traders especially the new ones in the right path. The big take away for me is in the fallacy of technical indicators. I like the course as it shows the right way to trade the markets but also made me understand these things will only come with practice.

Vishi N

I have bought many course on Supply and Demand and price action. I am crazy about both and trading and bought almost every course out there.

In my opinion this is number one on the subject. If a trader is willing to go through the course and put effort and time looking at chart they will be in for a pleasant surprise because this course works. For me this course will show one low risk entries as long as one is willing to make this his or her own. If any trader don’t find this working for them, In my opinion the trader should stop trading.
I wish I find this Years ago. Thank you very much Simon for sharing you are a very kind man.

Dave D

Superb, the presentations are outstanding.

Ben S

It was the first time someone clearly showed how to identify support and resistance level.


Awesome explanation on how the market makers move the market.

Robin S

The most actionable trading course ever. It is pure gold. I’m tempted to say it is perhaps the best trading course on Udemy.

Erick T

Such a wonderful course, supply and demand clearly explained..this course puts you in the right direction to become a pro trader.

Hass S

I have searched the internet far and wide for an informative course on how to day trade the markets using technical analysis and this is country miles ahead of everything else I have found. Simon simplifies the techniques very well and made the course really easy to follow. Top notch.

Ben W

I have to say I wish I’d found your course about 8 years ago when I started (what I thought was) trading! I honestly have started to look at charts in a completely different way, it’s like a light bulb has finally gone on! That combined with your tweets has been without doubt the most helpful to my trading education to date.

Darren H

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